Learn to understand how to cope with the physiological and psychological aspects of dynamic upsets in aeroplanes.
Avoid or effectively and timely recover. Your controls!


AirHub Advanced UPRT program is a cutting edge pilot awareness training, oriented for professional pilots of high-performance aircraft (including turbine and jet), flown both multi-pilot and single-pilot. UPRT utilizes a unique set of theoretical, mental, and practical training procedures that prepare students to correctly identify upset and make precise corrective actions fast in high-stress environments. 

Ground sessions include Loss of Control studies, aviation psychology, and advanced aerodynamics. 

Flight sorties are done in Extra 300 or Xtremeair XA42 high-performance aerobatic aircraft, which are flown in a manner to simulate large airplane behavior in all attitudes.

The UPRT course is the final polish for your already advanced flying skills.

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This course will also be highly beneficial for every private or commercial pilot willing to become a much safer and self-confident aviator.

Who needs to undergo UPRT training?

If you have completed your Ab Initio training and plan to continue your pilot training with type rating qualification, you need to undergo an advanced UPRT course under FCL.745.A


The advanced UPRT course consists of at least:

  • 5 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction (classroom instruction takes 100% of total theoretical knowledge instruction time);
  • Preflight briefings and post-flight debriefings;
  • 3 hours of dual flight instruction on Extra300 with advanced UPRT instructor for aeroplanes.

Duration of the course 3-4 days, 3-4 flights on airplane.

Lesson No. Description Flight time
UPRT Dual Solo Total
1 Nose high and nose low recovery 1:00 1:00
2 Recovery from spiral dive and from stall events 1:00 2:00
3 Recovery from incipient spin. Consolidating recovery techniques 1:00 3:00
Phase total 3:00 3:00

Upon completion of the UPRT course, applicant is issued with a certificate of completion by the ATO.


  • An applicant for Advanced UPRT course should have at least PPL(A) or higher license.
  • Applicant to the training course should have valid class 1 or 2 medical certificate.

Valid PPL(A) or
higher license

Valid 1 or 2 class
medical certificate

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