The process required if your license or rating has expired. To renew your rating, you must report to an approved training organization (ATO) for an assessment to see whether you can undergo a proficiency check to renew the rating immediately or whether you will need to take refresher training first.

Renewals & revalidations

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If the ATO assessment indicates that your flying skills are of an appropriate level, the ATO will issue you with a course completion certificate for your assessment which will allow you to take a formal proficiency check with an approved examiner.

If you pass the proficiency check, the examiner will endorse your rating with a new expiry date by signing the relevant section of your licence and entering the new date.


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If your ATO assessment indicates that your flying skills need to improve before you take a formal proficiency check, then you will need to undergo refresher training. The amount of refresher training needed should be determined by the ATO on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the following factors:

  • the experience of the applicant;
  • the amount of time elapsed since the privileges of the rating were last used;
  • the complexity of the aircraft;
  • whether the applicant has a current rating on another aircraft type or class; and
  • where considered necessary, the performance of the applicant during a simulated proficiency check for the rating in a flight simulation training device (FSTD) or an aircraft of a relevant type or class.

The amount of training needed to reach the desired level of competency usualy increase with the time elapsed since the privileges of the rating were last used.

Once the ATO has determined the needs of the applicant, ATO develops an individual training program based on the ATO’s approved course for the rating and focusing on those aspects where the applicant has shown the greatest needs. Theoretical-knowledge instructions are included, as necessary and additional instructions are provided where necessary to reach the standard required for the proficiency check.

After successful completion of the training, the ATO provides a training completion certificate to the applicant, which includes a statement that the training has been successfully completed. The training completion certificate is presented to the examiner prior to the proficiency check. Following the successful renewal of the rating, the training completion certificate and examiner report form should be submitted to the competent authority.


If your rating will expire within three months, you can apply directly to take a proficiency check at an ATO to have the rating revalidated, without having to take an assessment first.

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