Take a seat of the most epic aircraft recently in the market. Join our type rating class and become a competent First Officer!


High standard reliability, impressive aircraft performance, pilot minded systems, this is how Boeing 737 is defined. Airhub type rating program is unique opportunety to experience means of innovative learning assisted by profesional type rating instructors and most advanced simulator technologies.

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This course will also be highly beneficial for every private or commercial pilot willing to become a much safer and self-confident aviator.

Who needs to undergo UPRT training?

If you have completed your Ab Initio training and plan to continue your pilot training with type rating qualification, you need to undergo an advanced UPRT course under FCL.745.A

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Become a First Officer with AirHub Aviation


  • Theoretical part 11 days – 87 hours
  • Multi-crew cooperation (MCC) training 4 days – 25 hours
  • Cockpit procedure (CPT) training 4 days:
    • 3 days (18.5 hours) classroom and B737 300-500 CPT
    • 1 day (4 hours) B737 600-900 CPT / Systems Integration Training
  • Full flight simulator (FFS) training 9 – 10 days. Flight training in the FFS will include not less than 40 hours for each crew member:
    • 20 hours as Pilot Flying (PF), and
    • 20 hours as Pilot Monitoring (PM)
  • Base training


  • Have at least 70 hours of flight experience as PIC in aeroplanes;
  • Hold or have held a multi-engine IR(A);
  • Have passed the ATPL(A) theoretical knowledge examinations;
  • Have completed the UPRT training course.
  • Except when the type rating course is combined with an MCC course:
    • Hold a certificate of satisfactory completion of an MCC course in aeroplanes; or
    • Have at least 500 hours as pilots in multi-pilot operations on single-pilot multiengine aeroplanes, in commercial air transport in accordance with the applicable air operations requirements.


At least 70h of
experience as PIC

Holding a
multi-engine IR(A)
Have passed the
ATPL(A) exams
Have completed
the UPRT training

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