Four seat versatility

The things that makes DA40 NG totally unique is the Austro AE 300 turbocharged common-rail injected 2.0 liter diesel engine with 168 hp controled by full authority digital engine unit, that provides amazing economy, power and performance. The DA40 is fully integrated with G1000 NXi flight deck, incorporating the latest features of GFC700 Automatic Flight Control System. In addition to that, aircraft is equipted with Traffic Advisories, that provides extra convenience and high standard safety.

Taking delivery of a brand new DA40 NG was a dream come true. I have been the happy owner of a DA42 and had long wanted to add a sister single engine plane alongside the twin (for my owner-run rental business). I took the plunge and ordered the DA40 NG. She is beautifully designed and has a character that shows through as you warm her up, playfully waiting to launch herself into the world. This plane soars rather than just takes off. In her short time in the UK, she has been all over Europe, including down as far as Portugal, and has won many fans.

Sue Bell, Diamond owner UK

5,1 gal/h

154 kts

16,400 ft

940 nm

4 seats

904 lbs


Unmatched safety record

Garmin’s Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT™) recreates a visual topographic landscape from the G1000 system’s terrain-alerting database, providing situational orientation.

Diamond’s industry-leading safety record is the result of our commitment to protecting you and your passengers with a long list of active and passive safety features.

Sleek all composite airframe

Active safety features help to avoid accidents in the first place, the first and most important line of defense. Passive safety features are designed to minimize the probability and degree of injury, just in case the unexpected happens.

DA40 cockpit with the Garmin G1000 NXi flight deck. The conventional full-size standby instruments are centrally located for optimum viewing from both student and instructor positions and allow partial panel training.

Propulsion and Avionics

The DA40 fully integrated G1000 NXi flight deck, incorporating the latest features with optional ultra-precise GFC700 Automatic Flight Control System, offers superior situational awareness, convenience and safety. Available equipment provides Traffic Advisories, Synthetic Vision Technology, Satellite WX and Entertainment, and more.
For your DA40 you can choose between the 168 hp turbocharged AE300 jet fuel engine (For more information our sister company Austro Engines please click here) or a Lycoming IO360M1A AVGAS engine (DA40 XLT version).
The 3 blade MT hydraulic constant speed propeller features advanced blade geometry for efficient performance, low vibration and noise. It is automatically controlled by the engine’s digital engine control through a conventional hydraulic governor.

Diamond goes above and beyond!

Diamond has pioneered many aviation firsts and achieved numerous milestones and industry expert accolades.

Aero News Network - Plane Of The Year 2012

“Delightful handling, excellent low-speed manners, phenomenal crash-worthiness […], incredible visibility, and lovely styling make the DA40 XLS a winner...”
~ Aero News Network Statement ~.

Nominee - Aerokurier Innovation Award 2014

Diamond Aircraft is honored that the DA40 NG was nominated in the category Aeroplane of the Year 2014.