The definition of perfection

Introducing to you latest version of DA42. The DA42 is powered by the Austro Engine 168hp AE300 with a single power lever control. The 3 blade MT hydraulic constant speed propellers feature advanced blade geometry for efficient performance, smoothness and low noise. Automatically controlled by each engine’s digital engine control – feathering is as simple as flipping a single switch. The fully integrated, ultra-precise GFC700 Automatic Flight Control System as well as Garmin G1000 NXi is complemented by a long list of avionics options – such as an integrated weather radar and Traffic Advisories – that perfectly suit our mission. This aircraft perfectly suites for school.

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The DA42-VI is wonderful. She does everything you promised. TAS 175-180 with a fuel burn of 13 gph total at altitude. Climbs like a rocket through the ice layer, 1350 fpm and still 1100-1200 at altitude. Radar is great. Use it a lot. Data link is great. Weather and sending emails and SMS at altitude. I don’t think there is any other piston twin that comes close price/performance-wise. For those of us who don’t want to spend what it takes to fly a turboprop, the DA42-VI is the perfect airplane. Just flew to Oxford England this afternoon. The flight deck was busy. All the tools came into play. What a dream machine!

Brian Meese DA42-VI owner, Sweden

10,4 gal/h

197 kts

18,000 ft

1,215 nm

4 seats

1,299 lbs


Safety by design

Diamond’s industry-leading safety record is the result of our commitment to protecting you and your passengers with a long list of active and passive safety features. Active safety features help to avoid accidents in the first place, the first and most important line of defense. Passive safety features are designed to minimize the probability and degree of injury, in case the unexpected happens.

The DA42 offers the ultimate in handling, stability and control, ease of operation and structural, system and propulsion redundancies, all coupled with a high degree of crashworthiness.

Garmin G1000NXi flight deck with standard 3-axis GFC700 Automated Flight Control System, yaw damper and Electronic Stability Protection.

The fully integrated Garmin G1000 NXi is complemented by a long list of avionics options – such as an integrated weather radar and Synthetic Vision – to perfectly suit your mission.

Diamond goes above and beyond!

Diamond has pioneered many aviation firsts and achieved numerous milestones and industry expert accolades.

Aero News Network - Plane Of The Year 2012

“Delightful handling, excellent low-speed manners, phenomenal crash-worthiness […], incredible visibility, and lovely styling make the DA40 XLS a winner...”
~ Aero News Network Statement ~.

Nominee - Aerokurier Innovation Award 2014

Diamond Aircraft is honored that the DA40 NG was nominated in the category Aeroplane of the Year 2014.