How can you finance the training?

Studying to become a pilot can be a costly commitment, just like any other profession which carries a lot of responsibility. You have to remember that when you become a pilot, you will be accountable for the safety of dozens, and sometimes even hundreds of people.

This is why you should be certain that you have enough funds to finance the training and your daily needs while studying. There are some possibilities you may wish to consider that could lend you a hand financially.

First, we recommend checking if there are any governmental or private institutions that provide scholarships in your country. If this possibility does not exist in your place of residence, you could consider applying for a bank loan or getting some financial help from your family or friends.

What is more, when you join Airhub Flight School, you will not have to pay the entire price for your studies right away – the payments are divided into parts, to alleviate the cost. Also, we will provide you with accommodation during your entire study period, as well as with all the necessary learning materials and equipment (books and eBooks, CBT, iPad, uniform, flight bag and others).

If all of this makes you worry, remember – if you become a commercial airline pilot, the study cost will be paid off in just a few years.

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