What should you know about the medical examination?

Controlling a plane is a physically, emotionally and psychologically demanding activity. In order to become a pilot, every candidate has to go through a thorough medical examination.

First, you need to decide which study programme you want to enrol in. Future commercial airline pilots must receive a Valid EASA 1st Class medical certificate, while for those studying to obtain a private pilot licence, a 2nd Class certificate will be sufficient.

The medical evaluation takes place in Lithuania, where the training commences, but some extra work has to be done before the examination.

First of all, you need to visit a medical institution and receive your medical history for the last 5 years. You also need to obtain a document from a psychiatrist, confirming the well-being of your mental state. Finally, a confirmation from a narcologist stating that you do not have any drug, alcohol or other substance-related problems has to be acquired.

Once you have collected all the required documents, you will arrive in Vilnius, Lithuania for the medical examination. Usually, the check-up starts in the morning and lasts the whole day.

During the assessment of your health, you will have your hearing, vision, blood and urine checked, as well as cardiograms, x-ray and other procedures carried out. The candidate should know that the examination must be done with an empty stomach – only drinking water is allowed. The cost of the initial examination is around 300 euros.

The medical certificate also has to be renewed every year.

If you would like help to complete your aviation medical certificate – do not hesitate to reach out to your personal manager for assistance.

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