How to prepare for the pilot selection process

Pilot selection is a thorough and demanding process, which requires a lot of preparation both physically and mentally, as well as requiring knowledge. Here are the 6 steps that explain how to join Airhub Flight School.

Step 1

The first step involves asking yourself some important questions: Why do I want to be a pilot? Is it a dream I have had since my childhood? Do I want to fly for my own pleasure? Or do I wish to pursue a career in commercial aviation? This is a crucial decision, because at Airhub Flight School, you will be able to choose between three different training programmes:

  • Cadet programme with GetJet Airlines
  • ATPL Integrated
  • PPL(A)

Step 2

The second thing you ought to consider is: Do I have what it takes to become a commercial pilot? Wanting to become a pilot is not enough – you must have the right competencies to successfully complete the selection process. You will need to be proficient in Mathematics and Physics to have a basic understanding of aviation, as well as having a good knowledge of English.

Step 3

To become a pilot, you will need to pass an assessment that consists of 4 stages:

  • The Skill Test examines and measures your sensory and motor skills, as well as your ability to multitask and think logically. During the test you will have to complete distinct tasks, which will include memory recall, orientation in space, spatial awareness, understanding physics and mathematics, and other subjects. We definitely recommend practising with an IQ test or two, to prepare for some of the assignments!
  • The Psychometrics Assessment is a simple analysis of your character, which requires no preparation. We will evaluate whether your temperament and nature match the profession of a pilot. Do you want some advice? Do not try to act like someone else – just be yourself, and do not overthink it.
  • During an English Test we will rate how advanced your speaking, grammar and vocabulary skills are. Do not worry if your aviation dictionary is rusty, as it will be our job to help you improve.
  • The last stage is an Interview, during which we will discuss your assessment results and will expect to hear about your motivation for wanting to become a pilot.

Step 4

If you successfully complete the assessment – congratulations, you will be one step closer to joining a large pool of aviation enthusiasts and future pilots. Next, you will need to pass a medical examination, which has to be taken in Lithuania.

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Step 5

You also need to think about whether you are ready to commit to the programme financially – will you have the funds needed to start studying and for your other daily expenses?

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Step 6

Finally, you must remember that this is not just two years of studying and sweating hard to become a pilot – you are also going to be moving abroad to the capital of Lithuania, your temporary (?) new home. For some, making the decision to move abroad can be an exciting experience, but to others it may be quite a challenge. Therefore, our team will help you, and will make sure you feel at home in no time.

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