Starting your pilot career in Vilnius

Travelling, and especially changing your place of residence, can make you feel anxious and concerned. Remember that if you have decided to become a commercial airline pilot, learning to adapt to new environments will be of key importance.

Joining Airhub Flight School and coming to stay in Vilnius, Lithuania will be the first step in overcoming this fear. At the same time, our team promises to help and make sure that you will spend 2 wonderful years in the happiest European capital city.

This includes helping you to obtain a visa or a living permit, providing you with accommodation for the whole period of your studies, as well as providing all the necessary learning materials and equipment (books and eBooks, CBT, iPad, uniform, flight bag and other learning materials), and even giving you a lift from your future home to the Flight School and back.

Talking about your future home, you will live in one of the greenest cities of Europe, which is located not more than 3 hours away from any European destination by plane. Vilnius is a pedestrian-friendly city, so you will be able to reach most locations by foot, while further destinations can be easily reached with our swift public transport and taxi system.

The capital city of Lithuania is known for its multicultural history, as well as its diverse and stunning architecture, including the UNESCO-renowned Old Town, and always has a buzzing nightlife. The cosy restaurants, bars and cafes will not only offer you a warm welcome and reasonable prices, but will also provide you with the fastest public Wi-Fi in the world.

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